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Founded in the Netherlands in 2012 and developed in Western Europe, it is a professional travel company focusing on product and service quality



We are a professional company focusing on service quality. Our business involves Dutch tourism, airport transfer, travel translation, tourism, moving and logistics in the surrounding European countries of Belgium, France, Germany and Luxembourg.



Integrity Travel Netherlands is the Netherlands' A-rated reputation company. It has witnessed and accompanied the development of Chinese tourism for 10 years. It is AN EU operating company in Amsterdam with the qualification of operating outbound, inbound and tourism. It is one of the most professional tourism companies engaged in tourism in the Netherlands with the strongest comprehensive strength.

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The 10-year establishment of Holland Chengxin Travel has witnessed and accompanied the 10-year development of the Chinese tourism industry. It is an EU-recognized operating company in Amsterdam with the qualifications for outbound, inbound and tourism operations. It is one of the professional companies with the strongest comprehensive strength in tourism in the Netherlands, and is an A-level credit company in the Netherlands. We have many professional and reliable long-term business partners in the Netherlands and European countries. Our team members are strictly assessed and professionally trained before they can get the driver card. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the trip, each driver will strictly abide by the local work and rest time stipulated in the Netherlands, and effectively avoid the phenomenon of fatigue driving. At the same time, each vehicle with blue card procedures has a high accident insurance that is different from other vehicles. This insurance covers each guest and their personal belongings or lugg

Our business involves five fields: local tourism in the Netherlands, airport pick-up, travel translation, outbound tourism in the Netherlands, such as tourism in neighboring European countries Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, moving and logistics. We can provide you with chartered car services, tour guides, restaurant reservations, scenic spot ticket reservations, etc. We can design your itinerary, personal customization, business activities, exhibition transfers, VIP customization, luxury car rental, large and small official groups, etc. car requirements. Experienced fleet and affordable prices are at your service.

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